Migrant Apostolate Section

Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome to the Migrant Apostolate Section
of the official website of the Diocese of Niigata.

This site will be written mostly in English
with occasional pieces done in Tagalog.
Who knows, maybe in the future, we might be able also
to incorporate other languages.

One purpose of this site will be to provide you with
Romanized versions of Japanese prayers which we hope will
be of help to those who do not know yet how to read Japanese.

We shall also be posting relevant information that
might be useful for the Catholic foreign community
as they practice their faith here in Japan.

We hope that this simple service will help
all of you in your journey towards a deeper faith in Christ.

God bless,

Fr. Chito Lorenzo, SVD
Migrant Apostolate Coordinator
Diocese of Niigata